The smallest villa of the collection with a living area of 64sq is excellent for the single person, the couple or smaller family longing for a well planned and architectural designed house. It is also perfect for developing winter resorts. Luxurious and colossal surfaces of glass are consistent throughout XS, which contribute to an open volume and light to the house. The large areas of glass provide contact with nature, and the boundary between indoors and outdoors is almost non-existent. XS has two bedrooms, a kitchen and a salon with windows that stretches 2 meters from the floor, which together with the ceiling height of 3 meters creates an open volume and a trendy feeling to the house. The master bedroom and hallway comes with bespoke and discrete wardrobes that carry elegant drawers in oak, built-in lighting and well planned shoe storage. There is a sliding glass door from Hajom in the sitting room, giving access to the terrace that runs alongside of the house



Total area:             89 sqm

Living area:            64 sqm

Terrace:                 24 sqm

Roof terrace:          28 sqm

Ceiling Height:       3 meters

1-2 Bedrooms