Total area:              322 sqm

Living area:            256 sqm

Terrace:                  65 sqm

Balcony:                 4 sqm

Ceiling height 1St floor:  2,4 meters

Ceiling height 2nd floor:  2,7 meters

4-6 Bedrooms

Built on two floors and with a living area of 256 sqm leaves a stylish and astonishing impression. The villa is developed to suit today’s couple or larger family longing for space and comfort. XL is the result of two Medium Villa 161 sqm that have been merged together, creating this amazing villa with a total area of 256sqm. The house offers 4 to 6 larger bedrooms, which can also be used as guestrooms, an office or a spacious walk-in closet. The silhouette forms a cube and is tasteful with great windows from four cardinal points that passes generous light that creates attractive and powerful architecture