Total area:              161 sqm

Living area:            128 sqm

Terrace:                   21 sqm

Balcony:                  7 sqm

Ceiling height 1St floor:  2,4 meters

Ceiling height 2nd floor:  2,7 meters

3-4 Bedrooms


The spectacular and sensational Medium TownHouse is the newest and most striking house on the market today, which makes an astonishing and attractive first impression. Medium TownHouse has a living space of 128sqm or 167 sqm, where the larger one is extended in width. The houses have 2 floors and are suitable for both familie sand couples longing for space and comfort. Medium TownHouse 3–4 bedrooms, one greater lounge as well as an elegant and generous terrace.The open-plan design is light with an aesthetically pleasing and tasteful interior design. A revolving open fireplace from Focus becomes the focal point. All rooms have windows that stretch2 meters above the floor. In the sitting room is a sliding glass door from Hajom, giving access to the large terrace